I’m not ready to commit to 12 months

I understand. That is exactly why I have the Standard option. This gives you the opportunity to jump in, feel the depth of the content and experience how transformational this work can be. When you’re ready, subject to availability, you’ll be able to upgrade to Practical Spirituality - Expanded. Just email when you’re ready.

What happens if I cancel?

Because of the group aspect of Practical Spirituality - Expanded, it requires a 12-month commitment to the other group members. I keep groups very small and intimate - you will develop a deep connection and appreciation for one another and it’s essential you are all equally committed and trustworthy. For this reason I do not accept cancellations of Practical Spirituality - Expanded once you join.

Practical Spirituality - Standard is your opportunity to dip your toe in without commitment. You are welcome to cancel at anytime, for any reason.

Will I get messages from Spirit?

Yes! Absolutely. I will deliver messages from Spirit at every group call and at every private session. Sometimes psychically from the Akasha (Unified Field/Infinite Intelligence/God) and sometimes from spirit people (loved ones who were once human and have passed to the other side) and sometimes from spirit guides.

A one-off reading is perfect when you have a specific question to ask of someone on the other side, or are in crisis and what some short-term guidance.

But, if you want to be comfortable, confident, and serene every single day, then ongoing spiritual development with a mentor is the way to go.

Why shouldn’t I just do individual readings?