rise with monique ruffin


Monique hosts such wise and wonderful people as Marianne WilliamsonAziza Barnes, and Jessica Tuck so I was really honored to be invited.

We had a free flowing conversation about forgiveness, getting guidance from Spirit , parenting, and digging deep into family issues.

the faces of new york psychics

by Elaine Patton and Thomas Freteur

Belgian photographer Thomas Freteur, through online networks like Yelp and through word of mouth, tracked down several psychics who agreed to be photographed and began travelling from borough to borough to visit them in their homes and where they practice. The group appears in his photo series “New York Psychics.” “My point is not to make you believe,” Freteur told me recently. The aim of the project, which is part of a larger photographic study of spirituality, was to find men and women who believe in their own gifts, and who just might persuade others to believe, too.

With Pleasance Silicki - on the writing and publishing of my book, The Art of Forgiveness. 

She's a psychic medium, an intuitive counselor, a spiritualist minister, the creator of the ground-breaking program, Branding for Light Workers, and the writer of the international best-selling book, The Art of Forgiveness. "The most wonderful thing has been the people who have come to me to say, 'Yes, this is what I have been looking for. You actually explain HOW to forgive with practical steps and don't just say - hey, let it go,'" says Stephanie about her book.

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let’s find a ghost

Podcast episode coming soon