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Wild Spiritual Lyceum

My live online, drop-in, small-group class and discussion.

Noon Saturdays

Learn how to make yourself happy and serene every single day of your life, no matter what is happening.

Thought work can feel like mind games and it doesn’t make our heart sing. New Age workshops have us feeling good for as long as the ‘high’ lasts and can feel hokey. Reading spiritual literature helps us understand why we should feel peaceful but doesn’t necessarily actually make us that way. Therapy is practical, but the spiritual meaning of life is somewhere else. So here you are, trying this and that and getting lots of input and trying to decide which way to go. Everything helps a bit, but does it all fit together? And if so, how?

Are you wondering if there’s actual truth, or just myths and beliefs and metaphors? Are you wondering if it’s possible to recover from trauma and be truly happy, deep down, in your soul?

I was right there.

I grew up in an abusive family. My father was an atheist, my mother was Anglican. I was scared of God but didn’t believe he was real. Jesus was a half-naked man writhing in pain. I felt a searing need to protect myself so I studied law. I learned languages and ran away to escape the abuse but I still wasn’t happy. I self-medicated with drugs and alcohol. I sought spiritual enlightenment with hallucinogens. I ended up in New York City and got married and divorced twice. I had kids. I wrestled with sexual morality and societal expectations. I tasted success but sabotaged myself. I couldn’t trust my heart or soul or mind to steer me straight.

And finally enough was enough.


I went to psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy; I got sober with the 12 steps.

With that bit of clarity of mind, I felt the pull to understand myself in the world more deeply. I went to the Buddhists and learned to meditate and investigated nothingness; I went to the Evangelists and learned about a forgiving Jesus; I went to the Baptists and felt the healing power of raising the roof with praises and joyful song; I went to the Franciscans and learned about Mother Mary and the divine feminine. I went to the Torah and the Talmud and learned the value of discipline and the power of tradition. I went to Native Americans and learned about Shamanism and dark entities. I went to the Spiritualists and developed my intuition, learned to communicate clearly with spirit beings, and began to understand and experience the natural laws of the Universe. I went to the Sufis and learned about the transformational qualities of breath and ascendance and the way of the heart. I investigated my past lives; I learned Tarot and Reiki. I hung out with a community of life coaches and came back to earth.

In short, I spent 40 years healing, searching, studying, testing, and questioning.

Then, I wove the consistent, shared, mystical mind and heart of all of these practices into a blueprint for contemporary living that I know works.

You won’t get religious dogma, vague platitudes, or mindless affirmations. You won’t get rules to memorize or myths to dissect. You won’t be asked to believe anything without evidence. You won’t be taught extroversion and told that it’s the law of attraction. You will hear from your loved ones on the other side. You’ll get personal attention.

Any question goes!

Why am I here on earth? What am I meant to do with my life? What is the spirit world really like? Does evil exist? Could Jesus walk on water? What do my loved ones on the other side want to say? What happened before the Big bang? Will I get a boyfriend, soon?

You will get practical guidance you can act on in the situations you face in your daily life: dating, sex, death, office politics, friendships, anxiety, heartbreak, depression, trauma, loneliness, fear…You are going to get actual spiritual truth from someone who is in communication with spirit people and ascended masters every day.

You are going to be given the tools to take control of your own happiness.