How can someone be psychic?

I’ve been getting this question a lot more, lately. (And by the way, if you ever have any questions like this - about life, the universe, and everything - just email me and I’ll write a blog entry to answer it.)

This video by Bruce Lipton is the best summary I’ve found that explains what I do and why. I was kinda thrilled when one of my special friends sent it to me! Check it out.

According to quantum physics, we are more than our physical body — we are each, literally, an energy vortex and what we perceive as matter is really an illusion of light. Yes, the entire physical world is an illusion.

Our cells are like the receivers on a TV, receiving a broadcast from the Quantum field. The thing is, each of us has a unique set of receivers, so we each pick up on a unique broadcast.

When the physical TV breaks, it’s dead, but the broadcast is still going on. Get another TV (it could be a different model), plug it in, tune it to the right channel, and the show is back on!

When I do psychic work, all I do is tune my TV to different channels. I was born with an aptitude for it, and I keep improving it with practice and study with master teachers.

When we do a psychic reading together, I’ll tune in to you first to make sure I have the right channel. I’ll describe what’s going on with you and you verify it. Then, I move on to whatever you need clarity on. You’’ll hear me say something like, “OK, let me tune in to your boyfriend and see what’s going on with him”. I’m finding him by linking with you.

It’s similar when I talk to discarnate spirits. This is mediumship. I’m tuning in to the channel that is still being broadcast but is no longer being expressed through a physical body. This is more difficult, as it’s a much higher frequency when the broadcast is not coming through something ‘solid’.

So, anyone can be psychic! Everyone IS psychic to one degree or another. It’s our nature. When I work with you, if you like, we can move on from me tuning in and providing answers, to YOU tuning in and getting familiar with and being able to manipulate your own broadcast. And that is spiritual growth.

Ultimately, the path of spiritual growth leads to enlightenment (en light en ment); experiencing ourselves as the pure light. That’s the true nature of reality. To get there, it takes practice.

If you do it with me, we work on two things:

  • understanding intellectually that we are all one and that we just appear to be separate (we are all energy; we are all connected; we are all light)

  • experiencing ourselves as one (with the quantum field;with one another; with Spirit; with God - whatever you want to call it).

Happily, each of our unique broadcasts provides the curriculum. Each of our lives is perfectly suited to providing us the specific lessons we need. This is why we are on earth: to learn these spiritual lessons. Or, in the vocabulary of quantum physics, this is why we are on earth: to experience the reality that the physical world is an illusion.

Ever wonder why you keep picking the ‘wrong’ guy or having the same conversations with family, or not being able to let go of a resentment or get past grief? It’s because you haven’t learned that spiritual lesson sufficiently well, yet. You are still holding on to the belief that we are separate physical bodies rather than one quantum field of energy. As long as we believe that, we will have conflict to a greater or lesser degree. When we really dissolve that belief, we suddenly understand that what we do to others, we are doing to ourselves; we suddenly feel at one with everything. We feel peace and serenity.

It doesn’t happen all at once. Believe me, I went through childhood sexual abuse and a whole lot of other stuff. It happens layer by layer by layer. (Some people call it ‘peeling the onion’.) I didn’t go from hating my father to knowing that we are not separate and being grateful for the lessons he provided me, overnight. It took me 40 years. But I can help you do your spiritual work more quickly than that. And with each step, we feel better - lighter - happier.

You can schedule a session (or series) with me, of course, and you can also listen to my podcast, Miracles in Manhattan. Each episode is some theory, some practice, and personal (often raunchy and funny) examples of application to real life. Come on along toward joy, peace, and serenity.

Much love!

The true nature of reality

Perceiving the true nature of reality takes practice.

The cool thing is, though, that whatever we are going through right now is providing us the opportunity to do just that.

On this week’s podcast, we learn that our thoughts don’t mean anything (don’t mean anything objectively real, that is). Marco and I talk about dating drama… what does it mean when your date doesn’t want to get in that selfie with you? Gallows humor…. does it help us deal with death more serenely or not? How much ego do we really need?

And we muse about Picasso and his perception and his reality.

Check out the portrait below that Picasso did of his best friend, alongside a photograph of his best friend, Jaume Sabartes.

They were best friends for more than 60 years. Both were the same age, and they met in Barcelona when they were 19 years old. Sabartés was studying to be a sculptor and also wrote poetry. In 1935, when Picasso lived in Paris and started to suffer from the loneliness of genius, he asked his friend to come join him, and Sabartés went and stayed forever.

Over the years, Picasso represented his friend in portraits and caricatures… portrayed as a knight, a monk, a clown, a faun, a bullfighter, a blind man, a melancholic, among starlets…. Some people thought he should be offended by Picasso’s rendering of him, but Sabartés was not.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 3.23.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 12.21.22 PM.png

In Sabartes’s words-

“[This] portrait has really all the characteristics of my physiognomy, though only the most essential ones. If the way Picasso put them together does not coincide with the way the majority of people see them, this is because, thinking about me, he took them from his memory, with the intention of giving them form in a picture, organizing them in accordance with his sensibility and the need of constructing a harmonious whole.”

And this is what we do all day long - we construct our experience from our memory; we organize our thoughts according to our personality so that we experience the world in a way that makes sense to us, specifically.

“Do you know that Picasso didn’t even notice he was painting [the glasses] upside down? …I believe this is due to the need of not interrupting the rhythm of the lines of the orbital arcs. Had he swung the arc which supported the lenses in the same direction, the course of these curves would have been needlessly broken…”

And again, this is what we do all day long - we construct our ‘reality’ in such a way as to not interrupt the way we (our ego) wants to see the world. And we don’t even notice that things are upside down.

Read more from Sabartes about Picasso’s portraits of him: click here.

So, yeah, our thoughts don’t mean anything - anything objectively real; they’re just coming from inside ourselves, not outside.

There’s real comfort for me in that, and I hope for you, too.

Much Love!

How spiritual work makes for hotter sex

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On this episode of my podcast, Miracles in Manhattan, I illustrate — in a visceral and very personal way —the rewards of dissolving ego (my own perceptions of the moment).

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Wishing you much love, and lots of hot sex!