Why am I tired all the time?

Well, basically, we are tired all the time because we are working against the Universe; we are trying to change reality instead of accepting things as they are…. yeah, that is really tiring! Me against the Universe.

Today’s random paragraph from A Course in Miracles tells us that we are wasting energy when we deny Truth. And that we must be happy first, and then the things we desire will come to us.

[P162/para 11]

We will never win if we fight reality.

I tried it for a long time. For example, I tried drinking to pretend I hadn’t been abused or assaulted or left out or misunderstood or whatever.

Overdrinking (or eating or sexing or.. overdoing anything, really) damages our physical bodies and it’s emotionally and mentally exhausting looking for a fix and obsessing over it all the time.

When we give up and accept that what happened happened, we can feel relief and find a little energy to move forward and process the emotions we have been trying to numb, and get a little more energy back… and we can go get some therapy or medicines or exercise or sleep or whatever is good for us. to

The reality of existence is that we can tune into Pure Love at any time.

Love is the stuff of the universe. That’s Infinite Intelligence; that’s cosmic consciousness. When we tune in to that, we can find the energy we need to create the life we want. If we keep trying to create happiness by changing external things, we will just keep getting tired.

So, I wish you much Love!

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Reverend Steph