What is the purpose of your body?

Ooh it’s cold! It’s a perfect time for snuggling.


One of the pleasures of being down here on earth is having a physical body. With the arctic blast whooshing around the USA right now, I’m looking forward to having a special friend over for some snuggling tonight!

It reminded me of making this video a little while ago - I opened up the text of A Course in Miracles and it was all about the body.

When all is said and done, the purpose of our body is spiritual communion. Whether that is done through a martial art, dance, singing, snuggling, sex, or sitting in meditation, or something else.

Our body is at our service. And it’s up to us to find the best way to use it (and treat it well) to get closer to Cosmic Consciousness.

So, I wish you a wonderful few days of hot sex, warm friendships, and spiritual communion.

Cat and I bring you a Miracle Moment.