What do business meetings and mass hallucinations have in common?

In this week’s podcast, we find out!

The world is a fiction of our own making. I’ve given everything in this room—everything I see—all the meaning it has for me. And so have you.

So then, is your story anything like my story? Are we really in the same room? Why do so many things we see bother us? Let’s get outta here!

This is Lesson 2 of A Course in Miracles.

Marco and I talk about how we can use Lesson 2 to make everyday life easier. It’s all about the mechanism of how we see things and how to undo how we see things so that we can live in a more serene way.

We talk about…

  • Getting sober, staying weird

  • Empathy: tips and tricks

  • How Marco doesn’t prepare for the show: a rationalization.

  • Sleeping vs passing out on the subway: Steph draws a line!

  • Things we forgot to edit out

  • When home means $20/week and a kind airline mechanic

  • The gift of lies

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Much love to you all!