Hallowe'en is coming...

Hallowe’en is my favorite time of year, as it is for many Spiritualists.

We acknowledge that the veil between worlds (the earth realm and the spirit realm) is at its thinnest around this time of year, we feel it, and we take advantage of it. It’s really fun.

I’m a medium, so I literally live between the worlds; I deliver messages from one side to the other and help people gain greater spiritual awareness on the way to enlightenment.

And when it’s easier for me to evolve and play - I go for it!

The veil is not a physical thing - it is a metaphoric veil of perception - sort of a spiritual fog between the everyday illusion we live in on earth and the reality of Infinite Intelligence.

And the reason the veil is thinnest in Europe and the Americas, in October, is because over the centuries, this time of year has become the time when a great many people are thinking about death and dying - what that might mean and what might come after.

So many people are wondering about and trying to communicate with the other side that it becomes easier for us to connect as we join together in raising our vibration… when we raise our vibration and the spirits lower theirs, we can see one another through the fog.

Ironically, the Roman Catholic church had a lot to do with this as they tried to convert indigenous peoples to their brand of christianity. What ended up happening was that these festivals that celebrated the afterlife in some way all took place at the same time of the year rather than at different times.

Check out the infographic I made to show how the celebrations most familiar to Westerners came to happen over the same three days of the year. There are others, too, arund this time, like the Haitian Day of the Dead known as Ghede (November 2) and the Bolivian Day of Skulls (November 9).


If Hallowe’en and the Day of the Dead have anything in common, it’s that they are both days on which people acknowledge the presence of the spirit realm.

In other places around the world, festivals acknowledging the spirit realm happen at different times of the year.

For example, The three-day Japanese Obon festival, also called the Festival of Lanterns, is a Buddhist observance dedicated to the spirits of ancestors that happens in August. Chuseok is a three day festival in South Korea that happens in September.

I haven’t visited those, but I’d love to, and I would bet that the veil was thinner at those times in those places.

If you want to take advantage of the thinning veil her where I am in the USA, let me know, and we can set up a reading.

And stay tuned for more about Hallowe’en - why we talk about the ‘veil’ , and the different kinds of spirits that make an appearance around Hallowe’en,

If there’s anything specific you’ve been wondering about, just email me and I’ll do a post about it.


Reverend Steph