Two for one

In this episode of Miracles in Manhattan, you get two lessons from A Course in Miracles; lessons 6 AND 7. It’s cool, because we’ve met both concepts before, and, doing them both helps get us into the groove of weaving these new habits of thought into a new perspective as a whole.

Here’s what you’ll hear!

✨Mad Max, Mel Gibson, and the Perth Apocalypse 
✨Seeing what others cannot: the worst superpower 
✨Everyday Texas Chainsaw Massacres 
✨Thoughts vs things - a steel-cage free-for-all you can win
✨Destroy all the boredom 
✨NYC, invisible city

Also - we talk a LOT about cups today…..

Listeners may experience a mildly disagreeable and/or an unexpectedly pleasant sensation due to 1.5 seconds of unintended ASMR near minute 19. At the word “sippings,” this sound is imminent. At “cupness,” it’s too late.

Sorry/You’re welcome.

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