This one is for our furry friends

This is lovely! And fun…. this woman is teaching dogs to talk to humans by pressing buttons. (click on he image to read about it )

But I bet most of us can understand our furry companions without it.

And if you do want a little help - and don’t have one of these devices - you can schedule a reading with me. I can talk directly with your pet - mind to mind.

Animals let me into their thoughts and show me where they have pain or what they want to do in the future or how they have been affected by the past.

So far I’ve spoken with horses, dogs, cats, and reptiles !

The first time it happened was many years ago in one of my first intuition development classes. We had an exercise to tune in to our partner’s past - any significant moment. And suddenly I was seeing through a dogs eyes and running ! It was really fun.

I didn’t think to develop it or do it again intentionally - I was concentrating on mediumship skills.

Then many years later, I was doing a tarot reading on line. As most of you know, the cards are a tool that spirit uses to draw my attention to something and send me thoughts. I could be looking at any picture or tea leaves or rocks or a rain puddle.....

So, as I was looking at the tarot card, I felt my gaze being very strongly pulled to the little cat image at the bottom. And then, I saw the cat become a lizard in a tank in a child’s bedroom.

The clients question had been how her child would do in school as he had special needs.

I simply had to ask - does he have a lizard ? A bearded dragon? Because the consciousness of that réptile was connecting with mine !

The reptile was showing me that he and the boy had a close connection that made the boy feel calm and loved.

Yes, the mom confirmed - He did have a lizard. And the mom had been worried it wasn’t a good idea!

Well now we knew it was the best idea. And we had the answer to her question.