Science is catching up with us

My kids’ dad sent me a cool article the other day and I just had to share it with you… A team of physicists proved that two different realities can exist at the same time! I mean, they actually created two realities, and measured them, and they were different, and they existed at the same time!

“The experiment produces an unambiguous result. It turns out that both realities can coexist even though they produce irreconcilable outcomes… 

“That raises some fascinating questions that are forcing physicists to reconsider the nature of reality.”

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This is the latest in the string of experiments that are helping to prove the true nature of reality. Chapter 7 of my first book, The Art of Forgiveness, outlines the really important (and famous) proofs. Here’s an even quicker summary (click on the links to learn more):

  • 1920: Nils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg
    Nothing is real until it is observed: and just the THOUGHT of an observer is enough. Niels Bohr said,If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”

  • 1926: Max Born
    Quantum waves are waves of PROBABILITY, not material.

  • 1935: Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, Nathan Rosen
    The presence of the observer is completely ENTANGLED with whatever they are observing. Einstein said, “The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion”.

  • 1964: John Bell
    Before matter can exist, it has to be OBSERVED by a living creature.

  • 1982: Alain Aspect
    Two, once-connected quantum particles remain CONNECTED over vast distances - when one changes, the other changes at faster than the speed of light.

  • 1997: Nichols Gisin
    Particles communicate with each other INSTANTANEOUSLY (in this case, over 7 miles).

  • 2002: David Wineland
    Beryllium ions communicated with one another INSTANTANEOUSLY, they even knew what would happen in the future.

  • 2004: The double slit experiment
    The location of an electron depends upon OBSERVATION. Everything we observe is floating in a field of mind.

  • And here’s the latest…Massimiliano Proietti
    The team used six entangled photons to create two ALTERNATE REALITIES and compare them. They PROVED that two realities can exist at the same time!

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 2.54.24 PM.png

I love this all so much!

Putting it all together so far….

Past, present, and future are illusion…. there is no objective reality… thought creates matter.

I mean - we are free! We are not at the mercy of the Universe.

Physics has proven that what we think makes matter exist. Before we think it into existence, everything is just statistical probability.

It takes a lot of practice to wake up from the illusion that there is an objective reality. And it can become so mind blowing that we give up or choose to forget again. So, we just do it little by little.

A Course in Miracles is a course book for practicing. Each lesson is just a few minutes long, and gets us in the habit of seeing things as they really are.

If you want to do it with me, in a fun, practical, easy way, join my facebook group here.

Much, much love!

Reverend Steph