What's "New Age" Anyway?

I read tarot cards, talk to spirits, read people’s energy, and tell the future, so, lots of people think I’m a New Age practitioner. But, I am not.

New Age philosophy tells us that Spirit is separate from us; that it guides us, sends us messages, loves us…. I don’t believe that. What I believe is that there is no separate entity called God, or Spirit. God/Spirit/Source is ALL there is. And any tools or toys (like tarot) we use just help us with the process of getting closer to awakening to the reality of Spirit.

I recently launched a podcast called, Miracles in Manhattan, which is a casual and practical walk through A Course in Miracles. Lots of people think A Course in Miracles is a New Age book some call it the New Age Bible. It’s not.

I’ve set down the differences below, in case you’re interested …. or anyone you know starts spouting off about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences and questions.

New Age Philosophies

Semi-dualist (God/Spirit is love or collective consciousness or something similar; we are a part of God) OR dualist (God is separate from us.)

We are each an aspect or part of Spirit.

Spirit created the world and everything in it.

The world is real.

Truth is relative.

We have free will.

We can make choices at every moment and our choices determine our life script.

We co-create the world with Spirit

Synchronicities, places, and events have spiritual significance.

There are dimensions or densities based on vibrations/energy levels. From Demons to Angels and so on.

Being individual souls, we are attacked by others. Acts of hostility were planned between the souls before life as a lesson.

The purpose of the world is to learn to be happy and prosperous.

A Course in Miracles

Non dualist. (There is nothing BUT God/Spirit; God equals the experience of perfect knowledge; there is no form to God. God IS.)

There is no “we” since we are not separate.

Spirit did not create the world.

This world is an illusion.

Truth is absolute.

Life in all its possibilities is already scripted.

The only choice is in our mind where we identify with Spirit or with the ego.

We create the illusion of the world ourselves.

We make synchronicities happen and assign meaning to them, but they are illusions.

There is no evil or Devil, only illusory madness projected by our ego mind and thankfully, they are not real.

Every attack is an attack upon ourselves. We project our unconscious guilt onto (illusory) figures or situations.

The purpose of the world is to teach us that there is no world. Every moment is an opportunity to practice forgiveness in order to undo the ego mind and awaken.


The basic, essential difference is that New Age principles present the Spirit world as reality. This is not so. When we play with energy, we are still playing in a dream. Just as this physical world is an illusion, so is the Spirit world.

New Age philosophies are workable and useful. The concepts work on the level of form, energy, and vibration. They take us far, but only so far. They take us to the brink of reality; they point us to truth but they are not the truth.

Now, we still have to operate on the level of physical and spiritual form - this is how we learn. Also, it can be fun.

But it’s an illusion - it’s a learning tool - exactly like the simulations in the Matrix.

And we have to start learning from where we are and go through the process. For example, when someone abuses us we get angry, then we process the emotions through our body, and we take action in the world to get justice. Not many people can go from being abused to instantaneous forgiveness and gratitude! We would call them enlightened. I personally know of maybe 3 of those people. Even Neo, in the Matrix, failed the jump program the first time.

It took me 40 years to go from abuse to gratitude and then to awakening, and I can help you get there more quickly than that (grab a free copy of my book) but if anyone tries to tell you to go from being violated to being thankful in one moment because “nothing is real” or “you chose it” send them to me and I’ll give them what for. That’s called spiritual bypassing and it’s avoiding the very work we are on earth to do.

Here’s another example - time. Time is an illusion, and this illusion is extremely useful to us as a learning tool. The purpose of time is to enable us to learn cause and effect; to show us whether we are getting warmer or colder; closer or further from awakening. It teaches us to contemplate mortality and death and gets us closer to an understanding that death is an illusion, too. Time will cease when it is no longer useful in facilitating learning. Likewise, the world will cease.

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