My thoughts do what, now?!

This week, on the Miracles in Manhattan Podcast, we talk about the things we think and how that makes meaning for us and how damn REAL and painful it feels.

This is a really great episode to listen to, because the key to forgiveness lies in it. - the key to living without anger and resentment. Listen and do the easy exercise with me.

The key idea is that our thoughts are just thoughts - they’re not real; they’re not anything; they’re meaningless. So, the world that I'm perceiving (which is made up of my thoughts) is meaningless. My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world. And that’s emotionally painful; in so many ways.

Spoiler alert: the world isn’t really meaningless - just our thoughts about it.

When we are caught up in our thoughts, we are just that - caught up in our thoughts. We are not experiencing reality…. we are in the past or the future, and that’s illusion. Break free, beautiful people, break free.