How to dissolve grief

If we knew someone who died around 9/11, the Intense thoughts of loss and separateness might have us feeling a loneliness so heavy and deep that we feel we can hardly take a breath.

Or perhaps thoughts of the perpetrators taking lives have us feeling anger so hot and fierce that we want to smash something or hurt ourselves

Or perhaps thoughts of what could have been different have us feeling a righteousness so cold and clear that we want to drink heavily and plan revenge.

But I want you to know that death is not the end. Death is an illusion. We do not die. The identity of the individual persists after the change called death.

Our true nature is Spirit.

Never was there a time when you didn’t exist. Never was there a time when loved ones apparently lost to death did not exist.

They - and we - exist now and always have and always will.

It is only that we cannot see them anymore with our physical eyes.

What we all are can never be harmed. The hottest flame will not burn it. The sharpest blade cannot pierce it.

What we are is timeless, peaceful, and changeless . We are spirit. And we are one. We are not and never will be separated from one another.

Our loved ones merely appear to be gone. But they are not.

Our sorrow, anger, and feelings of separateness are the result of untrue thoughts. We have no reason for sorrow or anger.

So, if you’re feeling sorrow and anger today, just turn off your thoughts for a second and tune in to those feelings.

Where are they in your body? Does your neck feel tight? Your head aches? Your legs feel weak? Your belly has butterflies? Your chest is constricted? Your throat is dry?

Imagine a pink and white light finding those places in your body and dissolving those sensations.

Take your time.

When you feel freer and calmer - ask your loved ones in spirit to step forward.

What image comes to your mind ?

Ask them for a message.

What thought comes into your mind?

If it doesn’t happen right away don’t worry. If you feel resistance, that’s no matter.

It’s difficult to accept this truth when we are in the thick of grief.

Just allow whatever you’re feeling and throughout the day when feelings of anger and sorrow and separateness arise, pour pink and white light on them.

And if you feel ready, ask your loved ones to step forward or to show you a sign throughout the day that they are well and happy and whole.

Within us is a wisdom. An intuition. That will guide us to thje truth.

When we truly want peace it will be there.

And I’m here for you too. I saw everything on 9/11 from huge picture windows on Varick street. I watched all day because the tunnels were closed and I couldn’t get home. I get it. And there is peace to be found.