I am a rockstar. And you can be, too.

It has been about a week since I returned from rockstar camp, led by the fearless MeganJo Wilson.  It was a transformative experience. Go sign up now. If you can sing, forget it. It's not for you. It's for the rest of us. 

So many workshops allow participants to float on the surface of things - do a bit of journaling, have a little cry, pat themselves on the back and go home feeling virtuous. This was not that. This workshops actually had me breaking through real resistance and coming out the other side at a higher vibration.

Only two other workshops have ever done that for me. One was back in Australia in 1996. And the other was in Brooklyn, recently, with Derek O'Neill. 

stephanie wild_o.jpg

Megan Jo is a fan of bell hooks, who says that, "One of the most vital ways we sustain ourselves is by building communities of resistance, places where we know we are not alone.” That is what I experienced at Rockstar Camp - a community of resistance against shame and fear and doubt.

As most of you will know, I am dedicated to helping women create the romantic life of their dreams. And that means expressing ourselves fully, honestly, and fearlessly - without shame; without fear; without doubt. Like a rockstar!


We are subject to so many influences that encourage us NOT to express ourselves fully - especially sexually. We learn that it is not safe  - that we will be attacked, ostracized, or worse.

No one ever guesses that inside, I, too, feel shy and timid and very wary of expressing the full power of my sexual desires, at times.

I've put 40 years of spiritual work in, so yes, I've come a long way. But spiritual growth is infinite and I'm still evolving along with everyone else. Rockstar camp was the portal to the next level. I felt utterly safe, there. I felt safe because I was with a group of women who stomped on my shame and fear and doubt. They demanded my fiestiness, lasciviousness, and greed. 

And that is what I demand of you. Your full self. Spirit and flesh in harmony and happiness. So, go to Rockstar Camp, you're safe there. Call me for a reading, you're safe with me.  Dance naked in the rain with someone who loves you. Do it. Be a rockstar.