Don't do anything for the holidays

I am hearing a lot about how people are hating the holidays; hating the expectations of being polite to family and giving a certain standard or gifts and preparing decorations and food, moving the ridiculous elf...

Just don’t! You don’t have to. What will happen? Those who hold those expectations will be disappointed and angry. You know what’s under anger? Fear.

Fear of what? Losing something they have or not getting something they want. But those « somethings » are illusion. Those somethings are mere representations of what we all really want - pure Love-

You can give pure love without exhausting yourself. In fact, if you are exhausted, that’s a clear sign you are not in pure Love.

Sit. Breathe. Allow Cosmic Consciousness/God/Spirit to wash you in Love.

Then, make decisions from there. Cook less, invite someone to help; buy less; invite someone to share a cup of tea and really listen to the answer to, « how are you? »; forget the elf, get down on the floor with your kids and ask them what they’re thinking; decorate less; one candle can be sacred.

Slow down, be in Love with those around you.