Divorce your feelings

On this episode of the Miracles in Manhattan podcast, we do Lesson 5 of A Course in Miracles - live!

In this cliffhanger of an episode, we learn to mistrust our feelings - or, rather, what we think we're feeling. So, when you're upset, take comfort in the fact that you’re never upset for the reason you think.

Listen as one of your co-hosts delivers an Oscar-worthy dramatization of a totes hypothetical divorce. Totes. Hypothetical.

• Marco takes scopolamine and talks for 30 mins.
• The dishes are, in fact, not dirty
• Divorce, divorce, and more divorce
• Getting comfy with discomfort
• Ice cream, coffee, writing a book
• Language vs Love
• How to rewrite history in less than a minute
• Charles Dickens: Threat or Menace?
• Steph does some spiritual coaching 
• The most expensive therapy besides therapy 
• Starbucks, if you're listening... !