After the ecstasy the laundry

Those in Spirit love to see Christmas time on earth. From their point of view, I'm told, they sense the vibration of the planet rise; they feel the increased love and forgiveness between us. 

Can you feel it? I'm not Christian but I do feel more of the presence of Christ Consciousness (pure Love) around Christmas. At Christmastime a lot of people seem to allow themselves to open up to Love. I think it's because they are less afraid of rejection—for a few days everyone is open and willing to risk kindness. Everyone is sharing a bit more; softening a little. 

Yesterday I was doing laundry. I love the laundromat. It's the comforting white noise of the machines; the reassuring perfection of the circles of the washers and the rectangles of clean clothing in bags ready to go. it's the undemanding conversation and the literal warmth of the place. It's the shared humanity of having to clothe and clean ourselves.

Habitually, I cross the street for a bagel and coffee while the clothes are sloshing around. But yesterday the store was closed so I wandered along to one of the french-African patisseries. As I was returning, the strong, sweet strains of a woman's voice stopped me in my tracks. "Mary did you know?", she sang. "Mary, did you know that your baby boy will one day rule the nations?" I breathed in and listened with my mind, my body, and my heart. 

As my tears fell, I imagined a day when Christ Consciousness will rule all of our hearts.

More and more people stopped to listen and crowded around the tiny hole-in-the-wall church. Suddenly an electric guitar came in! It felt like Jimi Hendrix playing the national anthem and Prince doing Purple Rain all at once. It was heaven. 

And the voice came again, "Mary, did you know that when you kiss your little baby, you kiss the face of God?" 

We all have the face of God. Every baby. Every person. I imagined the day when we would all wear our face of God every day all day.

The music continued for 20 minutes or more; the voice, drums, guitar and keyboard rising and falling; people swaying and humming and smiling and cheering.

For a little while, we were humans together in Love with God. God came back to the laundry with me. 

Merry Christmas.