Me, too, me, too, me, too, me, too, me, too, me too, me, too, me, too, me, too

We shouldn't have to say it aloud, but it seems we do have to.

We do have to because we have been conditioned or gaslighted into not believing ourselves. And if we don't believe ourselves, we won't believe each other.  Enough. I believe you. 

I was harassed. I was assaulted. I was raped. I was abused. Saying it aloud places it outside our Self. We can then deal with it without identifying it as part of us; without it defining us. And what is 'it'? It is a spiritual wound. It's shame and anger and resentment and loneliness and any layered combination of pain. But it does not belong to us.

The shame belongs to him.  Harvey Weinstein wailed, "you don't like me because I'm fat." That shame was his to heal, but he was a coward and instead, he forced it on the young women around him. 

That fear of loneliness and abandonment was his to heal as well, just like it was for Bill Cosby and other men who drug women to dominate them

That anger belongs to perpetrators like Donald Trump and they are the ones who must take responsibility.

Our responsibility is not to heal them ; not to serve them; not to protect their egos but to take control of our own well being; to break free from shame; to break free from anger and resentment; to heal our inner landscape. It's our responsibility to ourselves so that we can fulfill our ambitions, live our desires, and be in control of our own happiness. 

And it is also our responsibility to heal ourselves for others. As Audrey Lorde said, "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare." Healing ourselves means breaking the cycle of abuse so our children do not have to carry it;  healing ourselves means being an example for the young people who are watching so they can also have the courage to stand up for themselves. It means the world will be better place.

Seeing so many women speaking up, joining together in truth, and proclaiming "me, too" makes me overjoyed because I can see people healing. Of course, I know that for some of us, saying it aloud on Facebook is too much. too soon. If that's you, but you're ready for someone to bear witness to your pain, it would be my privilege. 

When a woman says she wants to work with me to heal and close an issue like sexual assault, I believe that in that moment, she is the most courageous human on the planet. Because the unknown is scary; breaking free from something as familiar and as powerful as shame is scary. Spiritual work is uncomfortable, but I know what she will find on the other side. And it's worth it. 

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