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… A year and a half and one busted hard drive later, my podcast, Miracles in Manhattan (MiM), is live!

It is a practical, funny, soulful, sexy ride through a Course in Miracles. You'll dig it - whether you’re familiar with the course or not.


Two spiritual delinquents. One city that never sleeps.

If you have ever wanted to do A Course in Miracles, here is your way in. With me, I promise, it’s easy - you don’t even have to read the book - I do that for you! I was always the one in class who had read the book and summarized it for everyone else. Yup.

And, as if that weren’t enough…. I am giving away 3 more psychic readings (yes, someone really won the last contest!)

Here’s what to do:

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3. Share with friends…. because if we get 100 reviews by the end of July, I will give 3 reviewers a private psychic reading each.

What are you waiting for? Enlightenment and entertainment are yours for the taking.

Much love and miracles,

Reverend Steph

Why you shouldn't wait to have sex

I received an email today from a relationship coach telling me that I (as a woman) should wait to have sex with a man until I’ve “really gotten to know him”.

This is terrible, terrible advice.

I waded through the email looking for her reasons why. She kindly stated it straight out, “The idea that most men will lose interest in you if you have sex with him too soon is a big fat cliché. But it is a cliché that exists for a reason… because it’s true.”

That is a big, fat, lie.

The truth is that ONLY men who are ashamed of sexual appetite will lose interest in you if you have sex with them “too soon”.

Men who are more spiritually evolved around sex will lose interest in you for other reasons that have nothing to do with whether you had sex with them… !

Maybe the sex was uninteresting; maybe your hair smelled wrong to him; maybe he had a wife; maybe he didn’t like what you did with your hands; maybe he doesn’t want to travel all the way across town again. It could be a million and one things; but it was not because you had sex with him.

If you are left feeling that you aren’t enough because a man doesn’t call you back after sex, the problem isn’t that you had sex, the problem is that you feel you aren’t enough. And you are in control of that. No emotional bond with a man is going to change that. No man can change that.

So, if you want to cultivate a relationship with a man who thinks a woman is not worthy of seeing again because she likes sex then go right ahead and don’t have sex with him “too soon”. Wait until you “get to know him really well”.

But let me tell you, if a guy thinks of me me as less valuable because I like to have sex, I know ALL I need to know about him.

Spiritual power up!

I’ve been back from Lilydale for a few days. I was there with my mediumship mentor and the rest of the group. We spent a few days pushing ourselves to get even clearer communication with the Spirit world.

I was working specifically on letters and numbers. These things are difficult because we use our right brain to tune in to Spirit - our left brain with its analytical processes can interfere. So, to maintain that right brain link and also get the left brain going is really tricky. That’s why you’ll notice mediums say, “the name sounds like…” or, “they’re showing me red - is the name, Fred?”

So, if you have a reading with me in the near future, you may notice me trying out a few techniques to get you more definite identification of your loved ones and even more specific psychic predictions.

Why did we go to Lily Dale?

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.38.13 AM.png

Lily Dale is the world's largest center for the religion of Spiritualism (I am a Psychic Medium and Spiritualist Minister).

Lily Dale a hamlet in upstate New York that began in the mid 18th century as a meeting place for Spiritualists and Freethinkers.

As a result of the Spiritualist and Freethought philosophies, Lilydale became a cradle for women’s suffrage, abolitionism, human rights, and other reform movements. All of these movements threatened traditional power structures, of course. Mediums, specifically, were a threat to the traditional Christian churches that predominated because they communicated directly with Spirit and did not submit to the patriarchal power structure. Clergy would directly attack Spiritualism. And this still happens today.

I regularly have people from mainstream religious cultures (not only Christian) tell me I’m being fooled by Satan or possessed by demons or opening up a portal to hell or whatnot. None of this is true. In fact, Jesus is one of the greatest psychic mediums to have walked the earth and he told us to go and develop ourselves…

John 14:12

« Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. »

Jesus is saying that if we follow his example we will be able to do everything that he did. Yes, we will raise the dead, change water to wine, and live without fear of anything. And, we can do even greater things because his time on earth is finished and we have the opportunity to evolve further.

It takes commitment to spiritual growth. It takes practice. But we can all reach enlightenment.

This was my first visit to Lilydale and there is only one time I have connected more strongly to Spirit. That was in the presence of the Dalaï Llama and his accompanying monks as they chanted for hours.

In both places there was a spiritual vortex. A vortex is a concentration of high-vibration energy. It looks like a tornado over an ocean. It’s very powerful, yet very peaceful, and not at all scary. We can connect to Spirit more quickly, strongly, and easily in a vortex.

So, last weekend I sat in the vortex and let Spirit work on me. It was a great help to my unfoldment and I’m happy to be able to serve you better.

You know you can come to me for readings. And soon, I’ll be offering a spiritual development class. A group of 6 to 10 people. Stay tuned! Or email me for more info.