You should be able to say, 'yes I was thinking a racist thought.'

"You should be able to say, 'yes I was thinking a racist thought.' But a lot of the time, I think, people are afraid to admit they are having a racist thought because society then says that you are racist forever... and that's it. So there's no value in atoning..."

Trevor Noah explains in his excruciatingly adept and charming way, something that I have tried to convey over and over - there's a difference between having a racist thought and being racist. And it’s OK to have a racist thought.

Everybody has hateful [lazy] thoughts - women are crazy; men are only after one thing; white people are racist; poor people are lazy; dobermans are vicious; black people are criminals; Mexicans are rapists; rich people are assholes; gay people are perverted....but not everyone who has a hateful thought is hateful through and through.

We are here on earth to learn to dissolve these ridiculous, generalized, untrue thoughts.

We are here to have relationships with one another to help each other see these thoughts for what they are.

Only when we admit we have these lazy, hateful thoughts (A Course in Miracles calls them 'attack' thoughts) can we be forgiven. That's atonement: at-one-ment. We come back to Source at that point; we are one with True Love/God/Cosmic Consciousness/Infinite Intelligence once again.

These ridiculous thoughts are taught, they are not innate. They are the opposite of innate; they are the fantasies of the ego; created by the tribe...the hateful thoughts I have in the USA are different from the hateful thoughts I have in Australia.

So, have the thought, name it, let it go. Do not act on it.

There is not one person on earth who has not suffered hateful thought. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. This is our purpose on earth.

What is the purpose of your body?

Ooh it’s cold! It’s a perfect time for snuggling.


One of the pleasures of being down here on earth is having a physical body. With the arctic blast whooshing around the USA right now, I’m looking forward to having a special friend over for some snuggling tonight!

It reminded me of making this video a little while ago - I opened up the text of A Course in Miracles and it was all about the body.

When all is said and done, the purpose of our body is spiritual communion. Whether that is done through a martial art, dance, singing, snuggling, sex, or sitting in meditation, or something else.

Our body is at our service. And it’s up to us to find the best way to use it (and treat it well) to get closer to Cosmic Consciousness.

So, I wish you a wonderful few days of hot sex, warm friendships, and spiritual communion.

Cat and I bring you a Miracle Moment.

Jesus did not die for your sins

I used to be Christian, and that meant that I believed that Jesus died for my sins - he took my place - because God so loved the world that he gave his only son.

After many years of study of religious and historical texts and practical lessons in expanding my consciousness, I have come to believe that that is not the significance of Jesus's crucifixion.

...Jesus's crucifixion is actually an extreme teaching of true forgiveness.

Jesus underwent abuse and treachery and physical pain and the heartbreak of friends bearing false witness - things that we all experience. Yet Jesus did not perceive it as real. That is the actual teaching of the crucifixion.

Jesus's response demonstrated that no attack—no matter how extreme—can truly hurt or kill us. He demonstrated that instead of responding with anger and retaliation we should respond only with Love - because forgiveness will lead to our resurrection from the ego's dream of death (human thoughts and emotions and anguish) to the awareness of - literal - eternal life.

The ego devises a world which constantly crucifies us. We dream this world and use it to crucify ourselves. The real crucifixion is inner, not outer.

Once we have dissolved our ego (thoughts, emotions, memories that cause us to judge others) we will have resurrected our true perception and we will go from insanity to perfectly healed perception; we will go from anger and resentment to serenity.

Jesus's crucifixion is an extreme example of this process of forgiveness that is the "miracle" of A Course in Miracles.

What do you do to crucify yourself? And would you like to stop?

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Much love!

Reverend Steph